Audition Preparation

 1. How can I find out about future auditions?
 2. What is the age requirement to audition?
 3. Does Universal Studios Hollywood hold any auditions outside of Los Angeles, CA?
 4. Am I eligible to audition if I am not a United States citizen?
 5. Does Universal Studios Hollywood sponsor visas?
 6. If I am not able to make the scheduled audition date and time do you accept video auditions?
 7. What should I wear to the audition?
 8. If I am auditioning as a stilt walker do I need to bring my own stilts?
 9. Is a headshot and resume required in order to audition?
 10. Do I need an agent to audition?
 11. How can I audition to be a stunt performer at WaterWorld?
 12. If I am auditioning for a dancer role do I need to have choreography prepared?
 13. What do you mean by a “cartoon character”?
 14. Do you cast for film and television?
 15. How can I find more information about other employment opportunities at Universal Studios Hollywood?