1. What is Early Park Admission?
 2. Where are First Aid Stations located?
 3. Do you have security in the Park?
 4. If I buy merchandise in the Park, can you hold it for me?
 5. Where is your Lost & Found?
 6. Can I bring my pet to the Park?
 7. Are there ATMs in the Park?
 8. Do you accept traveler’s checks?
 9. Do you have locker facilities?
 10. Do you rent strollers and/or wheelchairs?
 11. What is XFINITY WiFi?
 12. How do I access XFINITY WiFi?
 13. Is XFINITY WiFi secure?
 14. Do you have to be an XFINITY customer to access XFINITY WiFi?
 15. What should I do if I have problems connecting to XFINITY WiFi, or do not see the sign-in page?