Here’s a delicious dilemma that happens to even the most seasoned sugar-lovers visiting Universal Studios Hollywood™. You’re having a sweet day experiencing the park and exploring Universal CityWalk®, but it’s time for everything to wrap up. The good news? You can wrap up some sweets to take with you if you want to bring a taste of the magic home, or if you haven’t had a chance to sample all your favorite snacks and aren’t looking to “sugar-rush” through them at the last second.  We’ve created a mouth-watering list of nine of the most popular and sought-after takeaway treats. Your cravings are waiting.

Butterbeer™ Fudge - Honeydukes™

Two squares of ButterBeer Fudge with pink and green packaging

Taking home a box of Butterbeer fudge requires no spell… it’s as easy as stepping into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ and ordering some dessert squares based on the beverage beloved by wizards and witches alike. The only magic act will be watching how quickly they disappear.

Chocolate Frog™ - Honeydukes™

3 decorative boxes of chocolate frogs

In this case, it’s a good thing to have a frog in your throat! This solid milk chocolate critter comes with a bonus souvenir to take home: a collectible trading card featuring a famous wizard or witch  from the Harry Potter™ films!

Lard Lad Donuts’ The Big Pink – Springfield, U.S.A.

Big Pink Sprinkled Donut in a White box

This doughnut lives up to its name, but is your appetite up to the challenge? Smothered with sweet pink frosting and sprinkles, they’re made fresh every day and great if you’re willing to share. The option’s yours.

Krusty’s Karamel Korn Bucket - Springfield, U.S.A.

Caramel Corn in a Krusty the Klown plastic bucket

Who can resist a bucket of sweet popcorn while having a barrel of laughs around Springfield, U.S.A.? The caramel coating on this crunchy snack takes it to the next level and the bucket makes for a colorful souvenir… and, of course, a reusable container for more snacks at home.

Purple Cotton Candy in a Minion Plastic Bag

Cotton candy is such a brilliant invention, you’d swear Gru came up with it. Soft, fluffy cotton candy is a classic sweet treat, so grab a bag for the ride home to make the super silly fun last a little longer! Like the Minions themselves, you can choose between yellow Minion and evil purple Minion.

Voodoo Doll - Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut doll on top of a pink doughnut box

Universal CityWalk® is host to plenty of delectable dining options with eventful twists, so of course our take on a doughnut shop is just a little twisted, too. A cake doughnut shaped like a doll, with chocolate frosting, raspberry filling, and a tiny piece of pretzel sticking out like a voodoo pin will make this dessert wickedly memorable.

Cinnabon - Cinnabon™ At CityWalk®

Take your taste buds on an indulgent adventure they’ll never forget at Cinnabon Universal Hollywood.  Enjoy our world famous, ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls available in singles and packs for sharing with family and friends or grab a perfect portable treat to stay on the move including Cinnastix and Cinnasweeties tossed in our famous Makara cinnamon and sugar and served with signature cream cheese frosting.  And don’t forget to pair your baked good with a refreshing beverage or smooth iced coffee sure to chill and get your ready for the next thrill.

Trish’s Mini Donuts - Sparky’s™ At CityWalk®

Sometimes a big craving can be fulfilled with tiny versions of a familiar favorite. These cake donuts are served fresh, hot and cinnamon-sugared, but only one size: mini! Great for groups and families, you can order as many “minis” as you like to take home in a bag or a bucket… or your belly, if you can’t wait till you get home.

The 2 Lb Gummy Bear - IT’SUGAR™ At CityWalk®

Bear with us: you read that right. Two pounds of gummy goodness in the iconic gummy-bear shape… only now, it might just be big enough to be confused with an actual cub. This edible sculpture just might need a strategy to share, but no matter how many people plan on splitting up the paws, this is an epic snack worthy of a bear hug.