Carnivores, take a break. This one goes out to all those vegetarians out there.

Hollywood has a reputation for catering (literally) to every dietary need and preference under the sun… and we see a lot of sun out here. So if you’re at Universal Studios Hollywood, look no further for veggie options. Here are some of the delicious possibilities available throughout the Park, from quick snacks to feasts you’ll want to sit down and savor.

Udon Salad

Although not quite what you’d expect to find at a bistro, this fun, exotic dish is full of surprises. Long noodles, peanut sauce, and veggies give this pre-packaged meal some vivid variety, and watermelon offers some refreshing sweetness along the way. Still the most exciting ingredient is the spicy kimchi that lends a little extra kick. So kick up your feet and enjoy every bite in leisure, just as the French do.

Vegetable Entree at The Three Broomsticks™, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™


Now this is an enchanting platter sure to cast a spell on veggie-lovers. Jumbo asparagus, mashed potatoes, sautéed cabbage, and more make this dish a hearty selection that pairs well with Pumpkin Juice™ or Butterbeer™. Enjoy this delicious meal out on the patio where you can eat, and feast your eyes on a great view of Hogwarts™ castle.

Lard Lad Donuts’ at Springfield U.S.A.

Pink Simpsons Donut

A Lard Lad Donut is perfect for visitors with a big appetite and an adventurous sweet tooth. And, for you social media shutterbugs, did you know that this gigantic Homer-sized donut is the most photographed food in the Park?

Mother Nature Burger with fries & slaw at Krusty Burger, Springfield U.S.A.

Mother Nature Burger

Stop by Krusty Burger for a delicious veggie burger with all the fixings — melted cheese, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes — that complement a patty so well even meat-eaters will love it … don’t forget to add an order of crispy fries … and, enjoy clips from The Simpsons™ classic episodes!

Waffle Sandwich

Yee-Haw! Ask a Cletus’ Chicken Shack team member for the veggie patty substitution, it’s a crunchy patty paired with a soft waffle for the perfect combination of savory with sweet.  For a full meal, add seasoned fries and slaw … your belly will thank you for it!


There’s nothing but love in this veggie slice.  Luigi’s serves it up so hot that the cheese is still melting around the tomatoes, olives, and peppers. While it cools down, just grab a seat in the Duff Brewery Beer Garden and watch classic The Simpsons™ clips.