Whether you’re taking a vacation or just a day trip to Universal Studios Hollywood™, the anticipation can be a lot to handle. With all the excitement, adventure, and fun to look forward to, planning can be hard to focus on. But worry not: we’ve picked out the fundamentals in this handy guide full of reminders  to bring along with you. Now all you have to do is remember our reminders and pack our picks!



Hey, Los Angeles is sunny, and you want to plan for it. If you forget these goodies, don’t fret: we sell them at the Park! “Bright” idea, isn’t it?

Wipes/Tissues/ Hand sanitizer

Keeping clean is always a good thing, and germs are the last things you want to bring home as souvenirs.

Comfortable shoes

There’s a lot to explore throughout the Park, which means plenty of opportunity to “get your steps in” with whatever exercise tracker you prefer. Just be sure to prepare for a full day by wearing shoes your feet will thank you for!


Yellow Poncho aside sandals and shorts

Poncho/ Plastic bags/ Change of clothes for little ones

There are a few places in the Park where you can get seriously soaked, like WaterWorld®, Jurassic Park®: The Ride, and Super Silly Fun Land. So if you want to keep a little dry without missing out on the fun, pack some ponchos and bring plastic bags to protect anything delicate you have (like phones or makeup). Plus, bring a change of clothes for little ones and hand towels to dry hands or faces along the way. This will take them from drenched to dry after their adventures.

Plug In

Phone Charger

Don’t forget your mobile device charger, especially if you’re planning a long, full day at the Park. We’ve got outlets you can charge at in the Starbucks® on the Upper Lot. Bring battery chargers too, for anything that will need juice before the end of your adventures!

And, speaking of phones, “pack” your phone with the official Universal Studios HollywoodTM  app! It can help plan and organize your whole day, from showtimes to ride wait times, character appearances to parking reminders and more! It’s the perfect way to “pack” your day with the most fun possible!

Leave Room for Souvenirs

Last but not least, if you’re travelling with luggage, leave a little room for some souvenirs to remember the fun with. One sight of our awesome gear featuring your favorite characters, and you’ll be packing some fun memories to go home with. Be sure to rent lockers at the front of the Park to safely store your swag throughout the day, and ask about shipping services at our gift shops if you want to send your goods to your home address or surprise a movie fan in your life with a truly special delivery.