With so many moments that make us go, “OMG”, we couldn’t just pick one! Here are 10 of our all-time favorites.

Flying over Hogwarts™

With a dash of Floo powder, you’ll fly over Hogwarts™ castle for a dragon’s-eye view in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™.

King Kong to the rescue! (The World-Famous Studio Tour)

When the world-famous Studio Tour takes a detour into Skull Island, all looks lost before the most iconic ape in movie history saves our tram in King Kong 360 3-D.

The Seaplane Splashdown (Waterworld)

Look out below — especially if you’re in the splash zone — when Deacon’s seaplane comes in for a “splash” landing at WaterWorld®!

The launch into darkness (Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride)

In Revenge of the Mummy ℠ – The Ride, a serious thrill awaits guests who get too close to Imhotep’s treasure: a breathtaking, high speed launch into virtual darkness!

Go inside the Devastator (Transformers™ - The Ride 3D)

Only the Devastator makes an entrance so enormous that you have to ride straight into him to continue your mission.

A shock from a shark (The World-Famous Studio Tour)

One of film’s most notorious ocean predators, the shark from Jaws, makes waves for visitors on the Studio Tour.

Get up close to a Raptor (Raptor Encounter)

It’s a photo op only the bravest Jurassic World fans can achieve: an up-close Raptor Encounter with one of several towering Velociraptors, including the fan-favorite Blue!

One big Super-Silly splash (Super Silly Fun Land)

The interactive play zone, Super Silly Fun Land, offers 80 different water features, but our favorite has got to be the moment the giant bucket finally tips over.

The first fright of The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead™)

The year-round frights of The Walking Dead attraction bring daring guests face-to-face with post-apocalyptic Walkers, but for us, the first one to lunge at you will always take your breath away!

Careen and crash through Springfield, U.S.A. (The Simpsons Ride™)

When you take a seat for The Simpsons Ride™, you’re ready for a lot of “Woo Hoo!” — but we can’t help but shout “OMG” when a giant wrecking ball lands on the tracks and rolls towards Homer… and us!

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