The original blockbuster, Jaws, has taken a bite out of movie buffs’ imaginations since 1975. If you’re a movie fan looking to add memorabilia to your collection, Universal Studios Hollywood™  has the gear to make some waves. Just remember: if you go on a shark shopping spree, you’re gonna need a bigger bag!

08302018-InsiderTips-JawsMerch-02 Kaws wallet

Carry Fandom in Your Pocket

A Jaws wallet featuring that iconic poster image lets you take one of your favorite movies with you anywhere. You can find this thrilling billfold at the Universal Studio Store.

08302018-InsiderTips-JawsMerch-03 - Jaws t-shirt

A Shirt with a Theme Song

This tee is sure to get the tune stuck in the heads of anyone who sees it. “Duh Duh…”! The famous Jaws theme gets its spotlight on the back of this fan-favorite shirt. Find this tee at the Universal Studio Store or Production Central Store.

08302018-InsiderTips-JawsMerch-04 - Jaws lunchbox

Add Some Bite to Your Lunch

Make a splash at a picnic, at work, or out and about with cinephiles by packing your lunch with this retro-style metal lunchbox. Extra points if you pack some seafood! Find this lunch box at the Production Central Store.

08302018-InsiderTips-JawsMerch-05 - Jaws movie poster

Mount this Mouth On Your Wall

The poster for Jaws is an iconic image, and you can hang this special plaque-set print in your home or office to add a little thrill to your decor. You can find this print at the Studio Store.

Hello, Fishy!

With the recent addition of Hello Kitty® and other Sanrio® characters to Universal Studios Hollywood™, there are some special surprises in store for fans as worlds collide at the Animation Studio Store!

08302018-InsiderTips-JawsMerch-06 - Jaws t-shirt

A Shirt for Sharp Eyes (and Teeth!)

The original Jaws poster image is replicated so closely here, it might take a moment to “sea” the cute little twist: Hello Kitty swimming!

08302018-InsiderTips-JawsMerch-07 - Jaws water bottle

Take a Shark-Sized Gulp

These Hello Kitty- Jaws mash-up cups are good for fans of all ages.

Looking for more Jaws-themed fun? Try celebrating the most famous shark in history with a close call in person on the World-Famous Studio Tour, only at Universal Studios Hollywood™. Order tickets online for your next trip!