One of the best parts of going to the movies: the memories afterward. Who hasn’t quoted their favorite lines with friends, dressed like the coolest characters for Halloween, or even tried to learn a dance move or two from movies that really stuck with us? The same goes for visiting the place where all the excitement of the movies comes to life: Universal Studios Hollywood. The memories are a huge part of the experience, whether it’s taking photos with the whole family (give or take a Raptor), remembering the most thrilling moments of your favorite rides, or taking a part of the fun home with you!


All throughout the Park, guests can collect some serious swag that speaks of their love for their favorite stories and attractions. So get ready, because we’ve got a list of some souvenirs that have proven to be popular fan-favorites. Come check them out in person and find even more that speak to the movie geek in you!

Transformers souvenirs on display

Whose side are you on? The iconic symbols for the heroic Autobots and the devious Decepticons adorn shirts, mugs, and more, so you can declare your allegiance… and turn your day into something a little less ordinary.

Plush donuts

This over-sized donut is a classic sight in countless The Simpsons™ episodes and has been brought to life by Lard Lad Donuts in Springfield U.S.A. The plush version is even bigger and softer … the perfect souvenir to relax with.

White owl plush

An owl is a wizard’s preferred messenger, and this soft plush can snuggle by your side to give a message of comfort, too! Not only does the head swivel, but press the sound chip in the foot and you’ll hear one truly cute hoot.

Butterbeer Fudge

Not everything you take home is meant to last… and Butterbeer™ fudge is likely to go fast. These dessert squares are created based on the wildly popular Butterbeer™ beverage at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. Bring home enough to share with friends, family, and superfans to cast a sugary spell… and watch them disappear like magic.

Despicable Me hats

Look familiar? These cozy knit caps are based on Edith’s favorite accessory, but with the attraction logo announcing to the world: you made it through some major Minion Mayhem. Especially good to take home if your home is *slightly* chillier than Los Angeles (it’s okay, most places are).

Jurassic Park glasses

Whether you’re toasting a Jurassic Park® fan in your life or you need to celebrate after surviving the Raptor Encounter in the Park, these tiny shot glasses are great for prehistoric parties or just a little dino-decoration.

Plush King Kong with Tram

King Kong holding Tram plush animals

Anyone who’s been on the world-famous Studio Tour knows that King Kong’s got a king-sized heart… but he’s just a bit too big to hug. This plush King Kong is adorable enough to go ape for, with soft fur to pet and nary a dinosaur attack in sight. He even gets a little Studio Tour tram of his own to squeeze and love!

Boxes of wands on a shelf

Fans of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, young and old, are in for a truly enchanting experience once they choose their wand… or, rather, their wand chooses them. These items have become wildly popular and must-own collectibles. Plan accordingly so you have time to try out a few.

Hollywood Awards

Roll out the red carpet and tell someone special in your life to get their acceptance speech ready! Our cute souvenir “Hollywood Awards” come with printed plaques announcing everything from “Best Coach” and “Best Teacher” to every member of the family… and yes, “Best Drama Queen” for that one friend. You know the one.

Vintage Universal Studios® Snow Globe

Universal Studios globe fountain snow globes on a shelf

A globe inside a globe, to take home to your own corner of the globe. This retro Universal Studios® logo appeared before countless classic films, making this a year-round festive decoration for movie buffs of all ages. Admit it: you can’t help but hear the theme song in your head when this logo reminds you of some of your favorite movies.

Duff Beer Hooded Sweatshirt

Duff Beer souvenirs

The Simpsons™ fans with Duff Beer on the brain can wear their love on their sleeve, too! The top of pouch opens up to hold a beverage or your cell phone and there’s even a bottle opener attached inside the pocket.

“Bates Motel” Towel

Bates Motel towels

Now this is a classic movie reference to go “a little mad” for. If you’re a fan of Psycho, vintage horror movies, or you have a Hitchcock fan to shop for, this towel will bring a little dark humor home… and will certainly make taking a shower a little more thrilling!