“Life…finds a way.” The Countdown to Extinction is underway for Jurassic Park® – The Ride and on September 3rd, the original ride will splash down for the last time. But hey, you don’t have to flash back 65 million years to celebrate the legacy of this fan-favorite adventure — we can just throwback to June 21st, 1996, when these creatures first roamed the Earth up close and in person.

The First Reactions

When fans first marvelled at their favorite prehistoric creatures coming to life at Universal Studios Hollywood™, the “awesome” scale of the scaly beasts left them breathless, especially the life-sized T-Rex who appears just before the legendary 84-foot drop. Fans have been returning to experience the unique thrill of that splashdown over and over again ever since.

The Grand Opening

Jurassic Park filmmaker Steven Spielberg came to Universal Hollywood Hollywood™ to light the torch for the ride’s Grand Opening, alongside Dr. Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum. Also in attendance were the brave kids in the original film, Tim (Joseph Mazzello) and Lex (Ariana Richards), along with fans ready to be among the first to take the plunge.

The Director Weighs In

18 months before the original Jurassic Park was released in theaters, work began on Jurassic Park® – The Ride. Spielberg talked about the vision behind the ride and the potential for its massive popularity.

Dr. Malcolm’s Review

Jeff Goldblum sported Ian Malcolm’s iconic leather jacket for the inaugural splashdown soaking wet with a one-word review to share: “Awesooooome!” 22 years of fans agree!

Don’t wait until the extinction! Head to Universal Studios Hollywood™ before this fan favorite is gone. Order tickets online and make plans to take the ride (and the drop) one last time… or over and over again! And follow the news on the park’s awesome Jurassic World additions on Facebook and by following @UniStudios on Instagram and Twitter.

Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood