If you make it through Halloween Horror Nights this year, you should be very proud of yourself. Surviving ten mazes, five scare zones, and all the spooky stuff in between, gives you some serious bragging rights. But you can’t just tell your friends about the experience – you have to show it off, in the form of a souvenir t-shirt or collectible. Let’s look at just a few of the items available for sale throughout the Park at this year’s HHN.

HHN 4 Drinking Cups - Killer Klowns, Stranger Things, Monsters, Ghostbusters

This brightly colored drinkware is perfect for holding juice, soda, water, slime-whatever you’re thirsty for.  A nice reminder that nowhere is safe… not even the dishwasher. Seriously, these are hand wash only.

Stranger Things Hoodie

HHN Red Hoodie

You never know what creatures from the Upside Down may be lurking in the shadows. Wearing this sweatshirt is a surefire way to make sure Eleven literally has your back.

Ghostbusters Accessories

Ghostbusters Merch

Show your appreciation for one of the most iconic films of all time with these ghoulish accessories. The mug holds enough hot java to prep you for whatever specters may interrupt your day, and the socks come in a unique box shaped like a VHS tape. And don’t worry, that phone case isn’t as slimy as it looks.

Assorted Buttons

HHN Various Buttons

Rep your favorite mazes on your jacket, backpack, hat… wherever you have some empty space that could use a splash of horror. Or should we say splatter?

Halloween Horror Nights 2019 Shirt

HHN 80s Art Shirt

Don’t just casually rep Halloween Horror Nights – wear something that will grab everyone’s attention (and make them as jealous as they are scared). Your favorite inter-dimensional creatures, classic monsters, and creepy klownscome together on this soft black tee featuring some sharp neon graphics.


How do you plan on showing off your HHN pride this year? Keep your eyes peeled for more gruesome goodies while you’re here -including hats, travel mugs, collectible toys, keychains, and more. Then put on everything you purchase, snap a selfie, and post it on social media tagging#UniversalHHN and @HorrorNights so we can see how awesome you look (and make fun of how messy your room is).