From the moment you step through the stone entrance announcing Hogsmeade™, with the iconic form of Hogwarts™ Castle waiting on the skyline ahead, your visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ is a seriously sweet experience. One shop in particular is in the business of sweetening your day even further: Honeydukes™, the premier chocolatier and dessert emporium of wizards and witches! The smell of sugar, swirling colors, tubes and jars holding candy you’ve only imagined before… all combine to make Honeydukes™ an unforgettable memory. Of course, you can take home a lot more than just the memories: you can fill a bag with treats featured throughout The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, from milk chocolate confections and “exploding” delicacies to flavors of jelly beans you’ll have to taste to believe. Check out our 7 picks for fan-favorite sweets lining the shelves of Honeydukes™!

Chocolate Frogs™

These frog-shaped sweets are hopping off the shelves for two reasons: the solid milk-chocolate, and the collectible trading cards, featuring famous (and infamous) witches and wizards, that come in every box!

Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans™

Feeling adventurous? Try your luck with one of these Every-Flavour Beans that range from “yum” to “yuck.” Who else can serve up gourmet jelly beans that include flavors like marshmallow, tutti-frutti, grass, soap, and earwax?

Exploding Bonbons

“Bursting with flavor” takes on a whole new meaning with these white chocolate bonbons with a fruity, pineapple-and-orange-flavored truffle center. Once the fizzling candy surprise hits your tongue, you’ll feel a popping, dazzling sensation at the back of your mouth that makes every bite an event!

Fizzing Whizzbees

These bee-shaped snacks have no sting, only sweetness, with their combination of chocolate and fruit flavors, plus fizzy candy that gives them their satisfying buzz!

Peppermint Toads

The perfect complement to a Chocolate Frog™: the Peppermint Toads! Rich, dark chocolate infused with peppermint flavor give these critters a crunch and a taste that bring a happy hop to every bite.

Fudge Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun, and time’s fun when you’re having flies! Chewy, milk chocolate fudge is a favorite in any part of the world… in the Wizarding World, of course, your fudge comes in the form of bite-sized flies

Sherbet Lemons

Activate as many taste buds as you can with Sherbet Lemons! These fruit-shaped treats may be small, but they pack a pleasantly-tart mouthful of sweet and sour that you’ll savor to the last drop.