The Eggo® Donut

Halloween Horror Nights Food - The Eggo Donut

This maple glazed monster is dusted with cinnamon sugar and topped with decadent buttercream, raspberry jam, and of course, Eleven’s favorite snack – Kellogg’s Eggo waffles. Enough to satisfy even a Demogorgon-sized appetite.

The Mini Meatball Sub

Halloween Horror Nights Food - Mini Meatball Sub

A snack-size take on a traditional favorite, this mini sandwich features three beef meatballs, doused in housemade marinara, in a toasted Italian roll loaded with mozzarella cheese. And it fits perfectly in one hand (so we completely understand if you get two at a time).

Benny’s Upside-Down Burger

Halloween Horror Nights Food - Upside down burger

Before you take on the dreaded Demogorgon, see if you can handle this heat. Spicy queso and FLAMIN’ Hot Cheetos are the base of this burger served with lettuce and tomato “upside-down” on a potato roll.

Don’t forget the side of tater tots!

Loaded Mac & Cheese

Halloween Horror Nights Food - Leaded Mac & Cheese

We probably don’t need to say anything else, but we will anyway. This mac & cheese comes loaded with piquillo peppers, scallions, and Applewood bacon – plus it is drenched in a Tillamook cheddar sauce.

You’re drooling a little, just FYI. It’s cool, we are too.

Demogorgon’s Totchos

Halloween Horror Nights Food - Demogorgon's Totchos

Tater tots topped with chili, spicy queso, FLAMIN’ Hot Cheetos, sour cream and scallions. These totchos are all of the fire emojis.

Eleven’s Waffle Extravaganza:

Halloween Horror Nights Food - Eleven's Waffle Extravaganza

Did you really think we weren’t going to have Hopper’s famous Triple-Decker Eggo Extravaganza? Oh yeah, we have thick whipped cream sandwiched between three Kellogg’s Eggo waffles stacked high and showered with Reese’s Pieces, jelly beans, and chocolate chips. We know Hopper doesn’t allow eating dessert first, but we won’t tell anyone if you get this as soon as you arrive.

Whether you prefer your treats sweet or savory, these are just some of the wickedly delicious food options that will be available at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Which one are you most excited to sink your teeth into?