Technically, RIP stands for “rest in peace,” but at Halloween Horror Nights, you’re not going to get much rest – and the Park is anything but peaceful. Make sure you get the most out of your HHN visit with The RIP Experience! It’s our premium ticket option, giving you a first-class trip through the alternate dimensions, haunted hotels, and truly terrifying attractions that make up HHN. There’s also a limited number available every night, so act fast! What does it come with, you ask? Keep reading…

Private VIP Guided Tour and Trolley

RIP Tour Guide

You’re going to be running all night from demons, ghouls, ghosts, and dozens of maniacs with chainsaws – so we’ll let you relax on the way to the Backlot. Our VIP trolley will transport you to the Backlot for an exclusive experience just for RIP ticket holders as well as to the mazes on our Metro sets. You also get a tour guide to escort your group from maze to maze to ensure you get everything done with time to spare.

UNLIMITED Universal Express Access to Each Maze

RIP Pass

The mazes at HHN are so elaborate, so immersive, and so intense that you likely won’t catch every detail in one go. That’s not a problem on The RIP Experience. Unlimited Universal Express means you can exit the maze and go right back in it with minimal wait time, over and over again. Who knows – if you go through the Holidayz in Hell maze enough times in a row, maybe you’ll stop screaming and shaking when you encounter Father Time. Not likely though; he’s relentless.

Exclusive Photo Ops at the Lower Lot Lounge

Ghostbusters and Stranger Things photo-ops

If you purchase tickets for The RIP Experience and don’t post about it on social media, what’s even the point? We know how important it is to document every cool thing you do online, so we put together some fun photo ops at an exclusive lounge on our Lower Lot guaranteed to get you the likes you so desperately crave. Just don’t ruin them with filters and smoothing apps, okay?

Themed Buffet Dinner and Treats

RIP Experience Halloween Horror Nights 2019 - Food

Ah yes, the meal. Our exclusive VIP Dining Room & Lounge awaits you with a massive buffet loaded with a diverse spread of entrees, sides, and desserts. Devour as much as you like while you’re in here; you’ll need the energy when evading all the creatures outside. And if your appetite comes roaring back, don’t worry – the additional lounge on the Lower Lot is stocked with drinks and desserts, too.

Valet Parking and VIP Park Entrance

Valet Exterior

It’s not the most glamorous perk (that’s why we put it at the end, so if you’re still reading – thanks!), but the first line you skip will be immediately upon your arrival to the parking garage, followed shortly by the lines at the Park entrance. No turnstiles for our RIP guests; you get to enter through the VIP check-in. The valet parking will also make your escape that much easier at the end of the night.

So why not treat yourself to The RIP Experience? Surviving Halloween Horror Nights is quite the feat already, you might as well do it in style. And we didn’t even mention the priority seating at the Jabbawockeez show! Book yours now, because missing out would be a grave mistake. Muahahahahaha. Get it? You get it.