The Thrills Start Here!

Hold on tight, thrill-seekers!

From a terrifying ride with ghastly creatures,  tidal waves of explosive action, an unforgettable journey with wizards – and much more,  Universal Studios Hollywood™ offers an action-packed adventure all in one place. All the thrills and chills a heart can take are here.

Patrons scream with joy on The Revenge of The Mummy ride.
Four kids on the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride with Harry Potter flying on a broom.
A poster for the Transformer's ride filled with fire and a giant Transformer grabbing at the riders.
Three people dressed up as the Durmstrang Harry Potter characters, one low to the ground with a pole in his hand.
A show with a man on fire and two men with fire extinguishers putting him out.
A girl on a jet ski in the water with a building on fire behind.