Motion Simulation
Minimum Height 48" (122 cm)
Must Secure Prosthetic Limbs

Accessibility Information

Fast Facts

How Does Hogwarts™ Stay Hidden?

Hogwarts™ castle is in a secret location in the North of Britain. It also has a number of enchantments on it and is bewitched so that all Muggles™ see is an old ruin with the sign ‘DANGER, DO NOT ENTER, UNSAFE’.

Snape™ Plus Six

In addition to Professor Snape™, throughout the Harry Potter™ stories, the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor has been held by six different professors: Quirinus Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart™, Remus Lupin, Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody, Dolores Umbridge™, and Amycus Carrow.