Feel Better Soon

  • Universal Studios Hollywood™ has 2 first aid stations.  The first is located on the Upper Lot next to Universal’s Animal Actors. The second location is between Jurassic Cafe and the Character Shop on the Lower Lot.

Caring For Little Ones

  • Have a little one too young to ride your favorite attraction? Take advantage of our child switch program, which allows one member of your party to wait in a designated area along with any children who are unable or unwilling to participate. Once the rest of your group is off the ride, just trade places and take your seat on the ride while those who rode previously stay with the child(ren). For more information or instructions, please ask a ride attendant upon arrival to the Theme Park.
  • Nursing facilities are available in the First Aid Stations.
  • Diaper-changing stations are available in all restrooms.

Take A Break

  • Restroom facilities are located throughout the Theme Park and the Universal CityWalk™. All restrooms have wheelchair-accessible facilities and diaper-changing stations.

Universal Studios takes the safety and security of our guests and employees very seriously. We work closely with local and federal authorities who provide us with up-to-date briefings. The Los Angeles County Fire and Sheriff’s Department teams who work here at Universal are always on alert to assist us in the unlikely event of an emergency and are actively involved in our planning strategies. We are committed to maintaining an appropriate level of security under the current conditions.

For any assistance while visiting our Park, please contact any of our Team Members.

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